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Commercial Patio Enclosure Solutions

Commercial patio enclosures done the right way:

Pavillions_08 has done many commercial restaurant and patio enclosure sales over the years. We’ve worked with many of the nation’s top hot spots who demand that their porch, patio, gazebos, and pavilions are constantly available and convertible from open spaces to enclosed rooms. Because of our history, we have developed several different things that benefit our commercial users.

The first item that our commercial clients appreciate about is the level of support and attention that they’ll receive when buying our commercial patio enclosures. From start to finish, our staff will focus on providing you the attention you deserve. One good example of how our commercial patio enclosure process is tailored to commercial buyers is with the use of a project manager. Any commercial / restaurant patio enclosure project over 500 square foot will be assigned one of our talented project managers. Your project manager will coordinate all communications between EnclosureGuy and your client, contractor, or staff.


We also build ourcommercial patio enclosures to be temporary. Since you can install and remove these commercial patio enclosure solutions in short order, you’re going to find it a breeze to get through all the red tape that comes with a permanent framed in patio solutions. Ourcommercial patioenclosures give you the ability to maintain the use of your patio as you see fit. Put them up, put them down, or completely remove them when you want them gone. All of these things are easy to do and take little time and resources to accomplish.

We build our commercial patio enclosures with safety in mind


Don’t be the one who recommended the cheap solution to your client’s patio enclosure request, be the one who recommended the Enclosure Guy! At EnclosureGuy we aren’t only making sure the front end of your project goes smoothly we are also busy covering your assets! Our tie-down design increases the safety of our commercial patio enclosures, keeping things snug for when the wind picks up. Our best in industry warranty makes sure that if something does go wrong, you’re going to be taken care of by our staff.

When the grand opening is just around the corner or you need to make better use of your space; you need a stand-up company that builds great commercial patio enclosures, call the only guy, THE Enclosure Guy! For a free consultation, contact us by calling 888-254-6892 or fill out our on-line contact form and we’ll call you within a business day.

About Us!

EnclosureGuy is American owned and operated, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and has been selling the highest quality custom outdoor Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades for homes and businesses since 1983. Whether you are looking to block the sunlight, provide a windbreak, or looking to completely seal off your gazebo, pavilion, restaurant or bar patio, smoking porch, or other outdoor space while retaining your view of the outside world, EnclosureGuy has exactly what you are looking for.

Our Clients

Our clients include many different kinds of business from restaurants, wedding venues, concert venues, golf courses, and public and private clubs. If you’re looking for references to bolster your confidence in our ability to provide not only top quality products, but also top quality customer service, contact us and we’ll show you our extensive portfolio of satisfied home and business owners.

Our Patio Enclosures

Our products include several different kinds of Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades including clear view climate-control curtains, sun shades, and of course various accessories to help you secure and keep your Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades in top shape. Everything we sell is engineered to your exacting specifications, built from the highest quality of materials on the market today and uses very precise engineering methods. Our Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades are produced with such a high level of excellence that Homeowner Associations always give approval and building codes never say “no” to our product lines because they are invisible when stored, attractive when deployed, are fire resistant, don’t break down from the Sun’s radiation, and are mold-resistant.