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Let us increase your table turn with custom restaurant patio enclosures


Table turn is important to a restaurant’s success. Managers and owners take great pains to make sure that every aspect of a restaurant works efficiently to make sure that they can turn tables quickly without making guests feel like they’re being pushed to get in, order, and get out quickly. Keeping tables unoccupied for as little time as possible is a critical, giving guests menus before seating them at their table, using the bar or patio for serving drinks and appetizers while providing some entertainment, and keeping the order and delivery process streamlined all contribute to table profitability.

Figuring out how to maximize your restaurant table turn can be a difficult task as there are many different variables that need to be considered and monitored. To help with this process, Kim Zimmerman Florence of Hospitality Trends posted an extensive piece on how to figure out your throughput sales. She includes six axioms to help you figure out how your restaurant is performing which are the table turn formula, front door systems, sequence of service, kitchen operations, management presence and effect, and tracking results.

Studying the table turn formula:


The table turn formula presents a mathematical way to determine what your total table turn is in your restaurant. Considering the number of seats that you have in your restaurant, the percentage of seats filled when seating is maximized during a wait, the number of times you turn a table per hour, and the average amount that you take in per person all work together to help you figure out what kind of table turn your restaurant is seeing. Even if you only raise your table turn by a few hundred dollars per night you can increase your overall revenue by hundreds of thousands per year.

Your Front Door Systems are essential to keeping things flowing. Training your employees and properly staffing your front door contribute heavily to how long it takes to get people from the front door to their tables. She also mentions that having things to do for your guests while they wait contributes to guest satisfaction, be it some form of entertainment, providing drinks, menus, or appetizers.

Sequence of Service means knowing how long it takes to get things done. How long does it take to seat guests, get their order back to the kitchen, then out to the table, then how long are they going to take to consume their food before they leave. Then turning around that table so that the next set of guests can be seated.

Of course, nothing happens without smooth kitchen operations. Keeping equipment running is just as important as front of house operations, if not more so. Your cooking staff needs to know how long you expect them to take to get things done. Faster doesn’t always mean better but slower doesn’t mean better either. Instead, management needs to establish reasonable times to accomplish certain tasks.

This leads us to management presence. Making sure that all employees have the things they need to do their job, making sure that guests are getting served, and making sure that staff are keeping on task, and helping to regulate the flow of your restaurant contribute heavily to how well you can turn your tables.

Lastly, you need a way to track these results as knowing how you are performing lets you know where you are doing good and where you need to improve. Even if you can tweak a few small things that produce only a few extra hundred bucks a night, you’ve raised your bottom line substantially.

How can restaurant patio enclosures help?


We see restaurants employing restaurant patio enclosures in many different ways. In fact, with a little bit of creativity, restaurant patio enclosures can contribute significantly to Kim Zimmerman Florence’s axioms of restaurant table turn. Starting with the number of seats you have available, which helps your percentage of seats filled during a rush to having extra space for guests, even providing an expanded waiting / entertaining area while your guests wait to be seated.

Restaurant patio enclosures increase table availability

Your patio tables are only available when the outdoors are pleasant enough for your guests. Sure, you could permanently enclose your patio, but then what’s the point of having designed a patio in the first place?

With our custom designed restaurant patio enclosures you’re given the ability to quickly enclose your patio when the weather turns unpleasant enough for patio use. This means you’re able to use a higher percentage of your tables during rush hours more of the year than restaurants who don’t provide any kind of restaurant patio enclosure. So the more tables you have available the more tables you can turn every hour the higher your table turn will become.

Restaurant patio enclosures make front door waiting easier:


Perhaps your bigger problem is finding places for guests to wait on nights with poor weather. Certainly, folks don’t like to be crammed in a small waiting space while their table is readied. So you could consider using the patio as a staging area on busy nights with bad weather. With a wait staff dedicated to providing drinks, appetizers, menus, and possibly even games to keep guests busy while they wait.

So imagine a busy Friday night the front of house manager is keeping the flow going and realizes that a storm is brewing. For you, keeping guests out there doesn’t really fit your staffing or flow of the evening, but you have a pile of people sitting outside. So the front of house manager asks one of the employees (yes, our restaurant patio enclosures can be easily deployed by only one employee) to deploy the restaurant patio enclosures so that you can move guests from your cramped waiting area into a place that is more accommodating and comfortable. Your foyer is a little more clear and all your guests are a little more happy to have some place to linger without being stuffed next to some stranger.

Of course, leaving wiggle room totally helps with the table turn axiom as now your guests don’t have to navigate around each other and squeeze through the masses to get to the table. And that’s just one way our restaurant patio enclosures can increase your restaurant’s total productivity.

We build restaurant patio enclosures that are tough


Our restaurant patio enclosures are tough, so tough that restaurants like Red’s porch in Austin, who sits in a part of the city with a wind problem went through several vendors before finding us. Then there’s the Hula Hut also in Austin with their large pier bar and seating area. Just a slight pick up of the wind and they would lose a lot of their business without ourrestaurant patio enclosures. Other establishments like Uncle Julio’s, who required a very special track to be constructed, rely heavily on their porch for normal everyday operations, so the custom restaurant patio enclosures that we built for them have gone a long way to keep table turn and throughput at good rates.

Our restaurant patio enclosures feature industrial grade zipper connections engineered by the YKK Corporation. The system that we use provides you with complete closure which stops the wind from bothering your clients. The welded bottom of our restaurant patio enclosures creates reinforced strength at the points that the most stress is likely when you’re in a high wind situation.

These custom built restaurant patio enclosures feature weather flaps that connect to existing structures while allowing for some flexibility. This provides an additional seal to your system at the sides which will contribute greatly to the restaurant patio enclosures’ ability to keep the wind out.

Other features on the restaurant patio enclosures such as filler flaps, welded stainless steel clips and d-rings make these patio enclosures easy to use for many years to come.

We don’t just build restaurant patio enclosures, we build YOUR restaurant’s patio enclosures

restaurant-patio-enclosures-plastic-0008 doesn’t exist to simply sell you some fancy looking clear vinyl plastic sheets to put up when it gets stormy out. We exist to craft a custom restaurant patio enclosure that fits your space and gives the look you’re looking for. When you contact us you’ll be assigned a professional designer who will listen to your needs and vision for yourrestaurant patio enclosures. Then they and our engineering staff will go to work crafting a solution that is right for you. And in the unlikely event that something bad happens after yourrestaurant patio enclosures, We have a great 5 year limited warranty.

There are many ways for restaurant patio enclosures to help you be more profitable!

There are a lot of ways we can help you improve the experience your guests have when they come into your establishment. Regardless of how you choose to deploy them, you’ll see a very short ROI, many of our clients say they recover their investment in a matter of weeks.

If you’re interested in learning more about our restaurant patio enclosures or getting a free quote with our factory direct pricing, contact our design experts at 888-254-6892 to speak to our helpful staff or fill out our contact information form.

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