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Pavilion Clear Vinyl ShadesThought you would enjoy seeing our completed pavilion with your awesome enclosures.We’ve been blessed with a great summer, so have not had to use them much….but the weather is turning so we will see how it goes. Our campers/staff loved the new facility. Thanks for helping us complete this project in an excellent way!

Nanci T., Marketing Director, Bair Lake Bible Camp

Perfect Fit Clear ShadesIt was just about a year ago we installed our enclosure on the gazebo. Just thought I’d let you know it has exceeded our expectations and held up perfectly even in some Florida storms and high winds.

My other porch covering (done by a boat guy) shrank and unlike your expansion panels, I had to move all the fasteners.

Tony L., Florida

Hi Veronica,

Your crew was out and I was there during the installation. They did a great job and explained how things worked. At this point, I am very pleased with the product. It looks good and I did not realize how well you can see through it from the inside, so that it does not block the view while providing shade.

Don B.

Dear Ms Hero,

The curtains and hardware arrived on two separate days. Packages a little bent up but no damage to the curtains or tracks inside. I have installed them now and everything is pretty amazing about the measurements and the system. However, you are adjusting for flaps and shrinkage seems to be about right. There is still room in the assembled width for shrinkage. The length is perfect to the floor with enough flap on the ground for a windbreak.. I was prepared to dislike the zippers because I have always had problems with halves of zippers, but these jumped together without problem in spite of my apprehensions. Left and right flaps were correctly anticipated and included. I like the slot system for the flaps and the curtain tracks..reminds me of bending on the sails on a sailboat. The needed blocks and cleats were included with a sufficient length of the line. The components of the weather flaps are assembled nicely and look just great. I think maybe most folks would like to have the holes predrilled in the track but for me, it wasn’t a problem. I have trimmed the flaps around the column tops and so far I am very happy with how everything looks and works.

Will report to you how things go next winter if you want to hear. We are off to a great start.

Arthur W., Sumter SC

I like the patio enclosures that were recently sent. The stitching is excellent! I find no errors and the clear vinyl is tight and uniform. Grouping the panels made for a nicer overall appearance. The quality is superb everywhere! The tie down clips are of a quality to last for years. I’m so proud of these outdoor patio enclosures they really protect our outdoor patio, our customers love it, they can eat and drink outside and not worry about the bugs or the weather.

Thank you EnclosureGuy !!!
Jennifer, Restaurant Manager, St. Louis, Missouri

We live on a dune in northern Lake Michigan. It gets very cold and windy here in the winter. Our vinyl curtains are mounted inside on our attached screen porch. In summer, they roll up and out of the way easily, and in winter, they keep the porch protected so we can use it to grill out. They are entering their third season and still look terrific. They have withstood high winds and cold temperatures without a hint of failure. We highly recommend these to anyone looking for see-through protection from the elements. We’ve had 40 degrees and 30 – 50 mph winds here over the last few days, and our curtains bulge like balloons, but keep the porch very comfortable. Cooked a meal out there tonight – no problem!

Don and Barb F.

Thank you so much. We were so happy with our enclosures the other night with the tornado we had (a small one, but scary none the less). Nothing even thought about sneaking in. They held up great through the wind, hail, rain and lightning!!

Debby G,  TX

Porch Clear EnclosureHi Veronica

I had called you a couple of months ago letting you know I was having trouble finding someone to install the enclosure. We did find someone and they did a great job. Used it a lot as sunny California has not been sunny. Thought you’d like to see some photos. I do appreciate the great customer service….I would only do one thing different if I’d thought about it: Cut in a zippered dog door as the deck is their main point of access to outside and back.

Thanks, Mike R.

Let you know got the enclosures up. I watched the install video, and it was a simple easy install. Looks great‼ Thank you and Clint for all your help.

Very satisfied‼
Thanks again, David R., CA

The enclosure has been GREAT! No, REALLY GREAT! We had a hard freeze here in San Antonio where it got to 16F and because of the enclosure; we were able to keep the tropical plants nice and comfy at around 40F. It’s been really wonderful to be able to walk outside when it’s been really cold.

We’ve been very pleased. My cousins, aunts, and uncles all got a look at it a few weeks ago and were impressed. I gave out your number and website, so you may be hearing from them. I keep thinking my mother-in-law might want us to do the same thing to her porch, but she might take some more convincing. 🙂

All the best,
Keith P., TX

We love the enclosure. Just by keeping the wind off of the porch makes it feel warmer. Everyone asks about when they come over. Thanks for checking in.

Don T., PA

Yes, install complete and it is absolutely awesome. Matt my Brother in law along with a helper, patterned the first panel and it was assembly line from there.

I sent Clint a message and as soon as I finish the drapery install and clean up I will send you the cozy photos!

Shaun H, Mexico

We installed it this week though, and I used it to keep the booth closed while the windows were moved, and it worked great!

It saved me from having to move windows morning of game day and potentially having to ask TV to remove any cables they run out their window, so it’s definitely a quality of life improvement for me.

Chuck P., University of Oregon Athletics

Pavilion Clear EnclosureVeronica, the packages arrived on time, were installed Friday, fit perfectly and the party Saturday was terrific. Thanks so much for getting the enclosure for us. See a couple of photos attached.

All the best, David S., PA

Porch In Brazil With Clear ShadesHere are some photos of the completed job. All the parts seemed to fit very nice and go together well. Thank you and I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Rio City Cafe Sacramento

Patio Clear ShadeThank you EnclosureGuy. It looks great !!!
Now let’s see it holds up river wind… Took the best of the day. Did it myself and an assistant. Relatively straightforward. Thanks again Veronica and Clint.

Danny S., NY

PS. The wife hasn’t seen it yet😉

Outdoor Homes' Patio EnclosureHi Clint,

I put up the other panels over the weekend and I’m very pleased. Thanks for all the hardware – lots of options. We won’t need D rings on the next order as the hand railing makes an ideal anchor point for the tie-down straps.

Thanks, Hans

Perfect Fit Clear Enclosure1 1/2 hours two people looks great. Tell the guy that helped me spec it.

James B., GA

Open Garage Clear ShadeThanks and will send pics of the install soon. The enclosures make such a world of difference. Just doubled our living space for 3 seasons. Also keeps leaves and dirt from blowing into this area while gone. When burning a fire now this area stays very comfortable. Thinking about putting in an outdoor TV now!


The quality is superb everywhere! I like the patio enclosures that were recently sent. The stitching is excellent! I find no errors and the clear vinyl is tight and uniform. Grouping the panels made for a nicer overall appearance. The quality is superb everywhere! The tie down clips are of a quality to last for years. I’m so proud of these outdoor patio enclosures they really protect our outdoor patio, our customers love it, they can eat and drink outside and not worry about the bugs or the weather.”

Thank you EnclosureGuy !!!
Jennifer, Restaurant Manager, St. Louis, Missouri

Christ Charles Clear Vinyl ShadeHey Veronica & Clint,

Got the curtains installed and they fit perfect. Thank you for everything.

In Christ, Charles

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