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Custom Outdoor Sun Shades

Use your outdoor space in direct sunlight and keep cool and comfortable!


Porches, covered decks, gazebos, solariums / sunrooms, and all the other outdoor spaces are great hangout spots during the summer time with a cold beverage and a book or some friends. However, these exterior spaces become less comfortable and useful when the sun is baking them. So at EnclosureGuy we have solved that problem by coming up with innovative Phifer Outdoor sun shades that keep your porches, gazebos, pergolas, and other exterior shelters cooler and therefore, able to keep that summer party outside!

Installed in minutes our Phifer Custom Exterior Sun Shades cut down on 90% of the sun’s rays while allowing you to see what is going on the other side. Imagine being able to sit comfortably on your porch with some friends and enjoy a nice cold beverage while appreciating the view and maintaining privacy. That is what our custom exterior sun shades with Phifer cloth will allow you to do.

But what happens when the wind kicks up? Nobody wants their bliss ruined by wind, and nobody but nobody wants their bliss ruined by sun shades blowing drinks over, smacking the furniture and whacking the guests. Wind is an issue no matter where you live. It’s especially problematic in places like the Eastern Seaboard, Gulf Coast, Great Lakes Region, the Pacific Coast, the Rockies, or anywhere that high wind is a factor. As an option, we can do our “HD” or Heavy Duty build on your custom outdoor sun shades which means that all your exterior sun shades will be equipped with our best in class tie-down system and extremely versatile track system. Our track system, which will be customized for your exterior space, distributes the loads evenly across the top while our easy to use tie-downs hold your custom exterior sun shades in place. Scattering off the porch while getting pounded by a sudden gust of wind or being hit in the head by your sun shades will be a thing of the past with our HD build.

Our sun shades are custom built to your specifications and size doesn’t matter. We can fit any size gazebo, solarium, porch, patio, pergola, lanai, or other outdoor shelter perfectly and just about any shape you can throw our direction. Outdoor sun shades that fit your space perfectly is what EnclosureGuy is all about.

With a color pallet of hushed naturals and rich earth tones, our Phifer Custom outdoor Sun Shades offer classic styling designed to blend in with today’s popular exteriors. Our sun shades are welcome alternatives to more permanent structures for Homeowners Associations as they can roll up and be easily hidden from view or taken down completely.

Constructed from high quality polyester and vinyl on polyester fabrics, our Phifer Custom Exterior Sun Shades are designed to withstand years of use. Developed originally for use in high end outdoor furniture and awnings, our Phifer Exterior Sun Shade system is mildew and fade resistant and needs only occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.

Phifer Custom Outdoor Sun Shades are engineered to the highest specifications ensuring that your purchase is up to the strictest homeowner association and local building codes. In addition to our high quality materials, our product is also bacterial and fungal resistant with ASTM E 2180 and ASTM G22 qualifications and includes Mircoban antimicrobial additives. This means that you don’t have to worry about our product harboring nasty illness-causing germs.

Phifer sun shades are GREENGUARD Certified and GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified and complies with lead free guidelines as established by the RoHS / Directive 2002/95/EC, US Consumer Product Safety Commission Section 101 and ANSI/WCMA A 100.1-2007 for lead content, ensuring that our product is safe for use in a wide variety of situations. Our sun shades are industry leaders when it comes to innovative and high quality materials designed to do more than just keep the sun off.

To find out more about our Phifer Custom Exterior sun shades and to get a free quote give us a call at 888-254-6892 or fill out our online information form and we’ll contact you.

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About Us!

EnclosureGuy is American owned and operated, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and has been selling the highest quality custom outdoor Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades for homes and businesses since 1983. Whether you are looking to block the sunlight, provide a windbreak, or looking to completely seal off your gazebo, pavilion, restaurant or bar patio, smoking porch, or other outdoor space while retaining your view of the outside world, EnclosureGuy has exactly what you are looking for.

Our Clients

Our clients include many different kinds of business from restaurants, wedding venues, concert venues, golf courses, and public and private clubs. If you’re looking for references to bolster your confidence in our ability to provide not only top quality products, but also top quality customer service, contact us and we’ll show you our extensive portfolio of satisfied home and business owners.

Our Patio Enclosures

Our products include several different kinds of Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades including clear view climate-control curtains, sun shades, and of course various accessories to help you secure and keep your Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades in top shape. Everything we sell is engineered to your exacting specifications, built from the highest quality of materials on the market today and uses very precise engineering methods. Our Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades are produced with such a high level of excellence that Homeowner Associations always give approval and building codes never say “no” to our product lines because they are invisible when stored, attractive when deployed, are fire resistant, don’t break down from the Sun’s radiation, and are mold-resistant.