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Features: Benefits: Other Guy’s:
Zipper Closures Total Weather Barrier NO
Tracks (aluminum) - Top and Sides Superior Strength and Seal NO
Adjustable Hold-Down Assembly Wind Load Rated to 65 mph NO
Non-Corrosive Hardware and Fasteners Included Superior Quality - Ready to Install NO
20 mil. Flame Retardant Super Double Polished Clear Safer Product - Better Views NO
18 oz. Highly Abrasion Resistant Borders Increased Longevity NO
Individually Customized Better Fit NO
Commercial Marine Grade Finish Durability NO
Retractable or Removable Easy to Operate and Store NO
Cleaning and Conditioning Options Available Extends Life NO
Product Warranty 5 Years NO
100% Fit Assurance Guarantee No Risk NO
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Sliding Enclosure Type - curtains can be slid left or right in open or stowed position. Large or small, residential or commercial, same heavy duty marine grade quality.
Clear w/Solid Borders
90% Mesh
Privacy / Solid
A variety of colors are available for both solids & mesh materials

$???? (USD)*

**Includes: All hardware, fasteners and shipping. Curtains rolled, never folded.
Quick Quote is based on information provided, customizations (gables-ends, beveled tops & bottoms,
obstruction cut-outs, vertical closures, cleaning kits, etc.) are available and priced separately.
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"The Innovative Solutions Company Since 1983"
We are proud to have the highest standards and quality in the industry.

Double (pull) Tab Zipper Slides
made of die cast zinc (baked
enamel finish), stainless steel split
ring and pole hook
Optional Drop Style Curtain
with Zipper Flaps Connection
& Emergency Exit
Optional Galvanized Track & Trolley
(sliding) hardware available with
vertical (weather) flap closure
Removable Hold-Down
Strap with Stainless Steel
D-Ring with Clip

Enclosure Guy’s superior design and marine grade quality of materials is built to last. We have the highest standards in the industry. We offer zippered enclosures (not velcro and snaps) to secure our curtains together. Our aluminum tracks provide a superior strength in heavy weather. The adjustable hold-down assembly that Enclosure Guy employs has a wind loading to 65 mph, not 20 mph like some of our competitors.

Each purchase comes with a 100% FIT ASSURANCE GUARANTEE!